International Tasting Competitions at Miami Rum Fest

International Rum Expert Panel • Consumer Rum Jury • Shaker Showdown Cocktail Competition

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and International Trade Exposition is home to the most prestigious blind tasting competitions: The RumXP International Rum Expert Tasting Panel Competition and the Consumer Rum Jury.

RumXP - International Rum Expert Panel

RumXP Best In Class Gold Award

The RumXP Judging Competition

Rum promoter and author Robert A. Burr established a panel of experts to evaluate fine rums. Their collective expertise is unrivaled in the spirits world. These noted experts on cane spirits are often invited to appraise new rum products and judge spirits at international rum tasting competitions. Their combined experience spans many dozens of countries and hundreds of brands.

The RumXP International Rum Expert Tasting Panel convenes once a year in Miami to evaluate a wide range of cane spirits from all over the globe. RumXP judges are experienced evaluators of rum spirits from many countries, offering expert guidance in their selections of outstanding rum products.

At Miami Rum Fest, they are sequestered for three days of discrete blind tasting sessions. The results are compiled by a seasoned staff of statisticians and the awards are announced at Miami Rum Festival.

See RumXP Competition Results

Consumer Rum Jury

Consumer Rum Jury Best In Class AwardThe Consumer Rum Jury Tasting Competition

Enthusiastic rum consumers are gaining greater awareness and appreciation for the finest rum expressions. At the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in April, RumXP leader Robert Burr organizes a Consumer Rum Tasting Jury.

These qualified consumer judges are presented with an array of blind tasting samples to evaluate using the same strict standards and procedures employed by the international rum experts in their competition.

The results are compiled by a seasoned staff of statisticians and the awards are announced at Miami Rum Festival.

See Consumer Rum Jury Competition Results

Join The Consumer Rum Jury

Do you believe you’re qualified to be a Consumer Rum Judge? Do you have a substantial rum collection? Do you travel to distilleries? Are you the most rum savvy person among your friends? You might be a Consumer Rum Jury candidate. Use the link below to apply for one of the limited spaces on the next Consumer Rum Jury.


Apply for Consumer Rum Jury membership

SHaker Showdown Compeition

Shaker Showdown – Exhibitor Cocktail Competition

Cocktail ShakerMiami Rum Fest exhibitors and their bartenders are invited to create a tasty cocktail for a chance at having their special libation win the Shaker Showdown at Miami Rum Festival 2017.

  • All exhibitors may submit one cocktail to enter the contest.
  • The base rum spirit MUST come from the list of participating products exhibiting at the Festival.
  • The cocktail must be served from the exhibitor’s booth during the festival.
  • Judges will stop by their booth on Saturday to sample their cocktail and score it.
  • The five top-scoring finalists will be notified by the start of the grand tasting session on Sunday. Each finalist will bring one sample to the judges on main stage at 4:15pm Sunday. Each finalist gets five minutes to give a presentation to the crowd (may do a demo or just talk about their recipe and rum being used).

Grand Prize

Winner will receive two (2) South Seas Passes to HuHukilaukilau June 7-11, 2017 which are $379 each. These passes are for all three days – and it includes the two biggest events that sell out: Tiki Tower and the Late Night Party. (value is $758)

Mai Kai logoThe winning cocktail competitor will also receive a complimentary Dinner For Two at the world-famous Mai Kai Polynesian Bar and Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

Announcing The Winners

At the end of the finalists presentations, the Third Place, Second Place and First Place winners are announced and trophies awarded. The winning recipes will be published on the Miami Rum Fest website and across all social media channels.

First Place
Ram Udwin, Boy Drinks World with Plan Killer using Lost Spirits and Carmelita’s Barbados

Second Place
Isaac Ergas, 786-Bartend with Miami Heat using Antelope Island white rum

Third Place
Ivan Serna, Oak & Cane with Summer Sipper

runners up:

Annamaria Jeanty, Blue Chair Bay Rum for Key Lime Pie

Natalie Golf, Florida Mermaid Rum for Mermaid’s Kiss

Ram Udwin - Cocktail Competition Winner with the Plan Killer cocktail

Ram Udwin – Cocktail Competition Winner with the Plan Killer cocktail

The Plan Killer

3/4 oz Lost Spirits Navy 61%
3/4 oz Carmelita’s Barbados
3/4 oz Coco Real
1/2 oz grenadine
1/2 oz Don’s mix
4 ml Boy Drinks World Passion Fruit Bitters

Shake and pour on ice in a Collin’s glass. Garnish with grapefruit rind and nutmeg.

To enter the competition, use this short contact form.

Miami Rum Fest and Trade Expo

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