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While enjoying your day at the Miami Rum Festival and Trade Expo, take some time to enjoy these informative and entertaining seminars for rum enthusiasts and professionals.


Seminars and Master Classes are held in the upstairs conference center rooms. Take the escalator in the back of the Grand Tasting Room to the second floor.

Saturday, April 22

RumXP Awards Presentation

2:00pm Seminar Main Stage

RumXP Award Winner

RumXP judges gather to present their 2017 awards!

Join the excitement of the revelation: on the main stage, RumXP Judges will present the awards for all the categories of rum that have achieved superior ratings in their blind tasting competition for 2017.

Tiki In The Big Easy

3:00pm Seminar Room 1

Carol Cortright

with Carol Cortright, Owner of Roadside Attraction. With liquor-soaked ties to both Europe and the Caribbean, New Orleans has always welcomed a colorful cast of characters who have contributed to a cultural landscape unlike any other region in this country. From Donn the Beachcomber to Beachbum Berry, it’s not hard to find traces of Tiki mixed in with the mystique of a city steeped in an exotic past.

Rum Seminar

Leonardo Pinto: Rum and Chocolate

4:00pm Seminar Room 2

Leonardo Pinto

Leonardo Pinto, The Master Of Rum from Italy will present a sensory experience — an interactive master class on the pairing of fine rums expressions with fine chocolates. The seminar explores the dynamics and nuances of pairing rum with food. We will not taste the perfect pairing — since such a thing does not exist — but we will learn the proper methods that lead to better and more pleasant pairings.

Dave Broom: Fathoming The Bowl

5:00pm Seminar Room 1

Dave Broom

Rum’s peculiar history and the drinks which shaped the world. To celebrate the (belated) launch of his second book on rum, leading spirits writer Dave Broom will be leading you on a gentle wander through key points in rum’s complex and convoluted history — what were the rums, how were they made, what drinks did they make — and plotting the rums on his newly developed Flavour Map. There could well be singing!

Limited Space Available.

Expanding The Tiki Flavors Palette

6:00pm Seminar Room 2

Oriol Alias

On this seminar, the Spanish tiki bartender Oriol Elias Caribbean Club in Barcelona will talk to us about the structure of the tiki cocktail. He will talk about the evolution of the flavor palette of the tiki drinks through the years, from Don the Beachcomber to the present — then make a tasting of Real Ingredients and tiki cocktails made with it, understanding how it could be a part of this flavor evolution in the present days.

Sunday, April 23

Rum Seminar - Tiki By The Numbers

Tiki By The Numbers


2:00pm Seminar Room 1

Tiki By The Numbers

Rob V. Burr

The secret formulas behind those exotic drinks are revealed, with charts and graphs that explain the exact measurements to create perfectly balanced libations every time. Don Rudawski is adept at presenting numbers and ratios in a manner that makes it easy to understand. In concert with Robert and Robin Burr, they’ll decipher and decode the golden proportions that relate to perfectly balanced classic tiki cocktails. Get the “Tiki By The Numbers” presentation in PDF format here.


Dave Broom: The Rum Treasure Map

3:00pm Seminar Room 1

Dave Broom

While we all agree that having an increasing number of rums appearing on a daily basis is great news, it can’t be denied that it’s getting kinda confusing to work out what the differences are between them all. That’s why leading spirits writer Dave Broom created the Rum Flavor Map for his latest book Rum: The Manual. He’ll be explaining how it was put together and how it can be used — by tasting a load of rums from all points. Find your comfort zone, workout where to explore next, see stylistic similarities and differences. It could well change the way you think about rum.

Limited Space Available.

Distillation Seminar

4:00pm Seminar Room 2

Still Dragon

Larry Taylor of Still Dragon is an expert in building and operating stills used in the production of rum.

Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis of Lost Spirits will share some his insight and experience in the art of distilling a well designed fermentation to capture and retain the best qualities of the production.

Rum Seminar 4

Cannabis Cocktails

5:00pm Seminar Room 2

Warren Bobrow

Warren Bobrow is a mixologist, chef, and writer known as the Cocktail Whisperer. Bobrow is a freelance mixologist specializing in Craft Spirits. He has developed bar programs and implemented their cocktail and ice programs. Among his most popular books is Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics. Enjoy “special” cocktails with Warren Bobrow and Fwaygo Joe.

From House Of Ming To Tahiti: A Spanish Tiki History

6:00pm Seminar Room 1

Oriol Elias

Oriol Elias of Caribbean Club in Barcelona will tell us a history about Tiki culture in Spain. He will talk about the origins, from the classic Spanish tiki bars to the new style ones, about the peculiar style of the mugs and drinks, about the remarkable personalities and, of course, about cocktails, and the best way to do that is tasting some mysterious recipes.

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